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We’re back with another recap of our favorite order comments. Without further ado, here is the best comment of the week: “This bro named Matt is picking up our pizza. Would you kindly give it to him. Thank you. Please give him a nice compliment if you can, e.g. ‘Your […]


Restaurant Profile: Cafe Costa Rica

When you think of Madison, WI, the first things that come to mind are Badgers, beer, and Caribbean food. Okay, that last one might not be entirely accurate, but after tasting the food at Cafe Costa Rica, you’ll be sure to equate this Midwestern town with the flavors of the […]


New EatStreet Restaurants in Ithaca, NY

A visit to Tokyo Hibachi Sushi & Asian Bistro enthralls your senses as master cooks sizzle meats and vegetables on teppanyaki grills right in front of your eyes. Now you can experience all their best dishes, including their Dragon Roll (above) and Kani Salad (crab and cucumber, below), from the comfort […]


Seven Stats from our Numbers Nerd

I’ve always been a numbers guy.  Like most kids, I went to the McDonald’s Playland a few times when I was young. But unlike everyone else, I didn’t jump around and attempt to eat the balls. Rather, I was the dork standing next to the pit trying to figure out how many balls there […]

Eat to Win

Foodie Call: Poetic Satisfaction

It came on so sudden, my stomach gave no indication; and so it began: the Foodie Call’s latest iteration.   I looked about the room, trying to find a needed clue. Then I found it right beside my beloved Elmer’s Glue. No–not my fancy scissors, but oh so very close. […]

Make Me Hungry

Top 5 Ways to Eat a Peach

August is National Peach Month, and we’re celebrating by counting down the five best ways to eat a peach. Of course, there’s one caveat: the absolute best way to eat a peach is fresh off the tree, unadulterated by culinary whim. But we assumed you already knew that. #5: Peach Ice […]