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#1 Foodie Call Of 2013: Cast Your Vote

It’s time to decide who had the most gratifying, shame-defying Foodie Call of 2013. Check out EatStreet’s Top 10 list and cast your vote on Twitter by retweeting your favorite. Whoever gets the most retweets before the new year will win the grand prize — $500 of free food on […]


This will be our final installment of Graffeati for 2013. Without further ado: Trish in Madison: Deliver with swag I’m assuming this means the food has to be delivered by a person dressed like a combination of Justin Bieber and Drake. Possibly write YOLO on the pizza box? Or maybe […]

EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #1

It’s time to bring the Foodie Call Sweepstakes to a close. Everything good must come to an end and Foodie Calls are certainly no exception. But don’t be too sad. I’ve heard from some pretty reliable sources that the ending is actually the best part of the Foodie Call. Today’s winner is […]

EatStreet Gives Back: Camp Kesem

Today I’m taking everyone on a virtual tour of Camp Kesem, which provides a network of free summer camps run by college students and year-long peer support for kids affected by a parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem is one of the non-profits on our donation list in East Lansing, Michigan. Mai-Lan Pham, the […]

EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #2

As we near the end of this sweepstakes, we can look back and see all the goofy ways people have called upon EatStreet to turn their foodie fantasies into reality. And that was the main motivation for setting up this sweepstakes in the first place — to open up a […]


Well its finals week for a lot of our customers and it seems like everyone is going a little bit crazy! Could be the weather having something to do with it. Anyways, now you can read these order comments while you’re cooped up studying! Tim From Columbus: Crust please J […]

EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #3

The new year is fast approaching and we only have room for three more Foodie Call enthusiasts in our Top 10. If you haven’t entered EatStreet’s Foodie Call Sweepstakes, you should really get on that. Why? It only takes a few minutes, you’ll have a chance to win $500 of […]


I’m back and ready to share the ever-interesting order comments we’ve dubbed Graffeati! Without further ado: Nate from Madison: Any chance you can pick us up a case of beer too? We’d pay you back. I’m being serious. I really hope the delivery driver followed through with this. Actually, on […]

EatStreet Gives Back: Best Buddies

Hello and welcome once again to the land of non-profits. Every trip down EatStreet ends with the choice to direct a small donation to a local non-profit. Today I’d like to introduce you to one of those non-profits–Best Buddies of the Greater Milwaukee area, where individuals with and without disabilities […]