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EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #2

As we near the end of this sweepstakes, we can look back and see all the goofy ways people have called upon EatStreet to turn their foodie fantasies into reality. And that was the main motivation for setting up this sweepstakes in the first place — to open up a space in which people can share the interesting things they do when overcome with a craving for their favorite food. I’ve personally enjoyed these short anecdotes and I hope you have too.

Today’s winner has a slightly different story. Devon from East Lansing had a streak of bad luck and used the EatStreet foodie call to make his life just a little bit easier:

I order Jose’s Cuban and Sandwich Deli for most of my meals. I got flooded out out of my room so I don’t have a kitchen and my car broke down so I can’t go buy groceries. Foodie Calls to Jose’s have been sustaining me for over a month.


That sounds like zero fun. Hopefully you’ve been able to repair your kitchen and automobile since the time your wrote this! Everyone runs into bad luck at some point. But ultimately, invisible forces always find a way to restore balance. We hope this $50 of free food can do just that for you. And if that’s really just a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of home repair, there’s still the chance for you to win the grand prize — $500 in Free Eats on EatStreet!

Ok folks. You only have one week left to enter the Foodie Call Sweepstakes. Next week we will announce the last member of our Top 10. Then we will let good old fashioned democracy determine the grand prize winner. All ten foodie calls will be tweeted by EatStreetΒ and whomever receives the most retweets will win. So if you have an army of loyal friends and faithful followers, make sure you enter the contest on Facebook! Just go to your local EatStreet Facebook Page and enter using the Foodie Call app.