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Well its finals week for a lot of our customers and it seems like everyone is going a little bit crazy! Could be the weather having something to do with it. Anyways, now you can read these order comments while you’re cooped up studying!

Tim From Columbus:

Crust please J

Must have been studying so hard he forgot that pizzas come with crusts automatically. I hope they honored this request with an extra ring of crust.

 Brianna from Columbus:

I do not want a water I want Arizona

Some wires must have been crossed here. You can’t substitute a bottle of water for an entire state! That’s not how these comment sections work!

Reilly in Oshkosh:

Please draw on the box and remember to cut the pizza into tiny circles.

Ok, we’ve had a request for crusts and a substitution for an American State, but this might be the weirdest request. I can understand triangles, that’s classic style. I can understand square cut too, that’s how us Chicagoans roll (go Bears!). But I really can’t even conceive cutting a pizza into many tiny circles. It’s a mathematical impossibility.  That’s like asking us to draw a square with 3 sides.

Everyone stay warm this week and study up! And try to remain sane while you’re at it. Have a great weekend!