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EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #3

The new year is fast approaching and we only have room for three more Foodie Call enthusiasts in our Top 10. If you haven’t entered EatStreet’s Foodie Call Sweepstakes, you should really get on that. Why? It only takes a few minutes, you’ll have a chance to win $500 of free food on EatStreet, and as the  temperature continues to plummet, the perceived value of warm pizza on your doorstep seems to increase.

This week’s $50 winner is from Madison, WI, where the winter winds have been particularly chilling as of late. Just taking a quick trip to the grocery store seems like a daunting task. But Eric’s found a great way to avoid that. His favorite kind of Foodie Call is:

When my roommate and I play Madden for Wings Over Madison on EatStreet. He gets incredibly mad when he’s always on EatStreet buying me wings, but hey, at least he’s getting a lot of coupons.


We encourage our customers to place group orders. Using EatStreet makes it painless process. But I’m glad you found a creative way to decide who pays! And now that you have $50 at your disposal, you should really share the wealth and buy the next round of wings for your roommate.