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I’m back and ready to share the ever-interesting order comments we’ve dubbed Graffeati! Without further ado:

Nate from Madison:

Any chance you can pick us up a case of beer too? We’d pay you back. I’m being serious.

I really hope the delivery driver followed through with this. Actually, on second thought, what legal-aged drinker would ask this of a delivery driver? We do not condone underage drinking here at EatStreet. But then again, on third thought, maybe Nate was trying avoid a trip through the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin. It’s a whopping 6 degrees right now. I guess we’ll never know.

The second instance of Graffeati was mind-boggling for sure. We all have personal preferences, but I’m gonna put my foot down here and say this special request makes no sense.

Here’s Jake from Iowa:

may I please have chicken instead of bacon thank you. light mayo

Chicken instead of bacon? Instead of bacon? No… no bacon?!? Does not compute.

Tessa from Columbus:

Wish us good luck on our finals! πŸ™‚

In case your delivery person did not succeed, I’d just like to wish you and all the other EatStreeter students good luck on their finals. We’ve got some exciting things lined up for the next two weeks to help out students during finals. No one wants to worry about cooking, especially when you’re cooped up in the library and don’t have time to spare. Stayed tuned for an update next week. For now, enjoy the weekend!