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EatStreet Gives Back: Camp Kesem

Today I’m taking everyone on a virtual tour of Camp Kesem, which provides a network of free summer camps run by college students and year-long peer support for kids affected by a parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem is one of the non-profits on our donation list in East Lansing, Michigan.

kesem canoeing smiles

Mai-Lan Pham, the Marketing Manager of Camp Kesem, explains what they’re all about:

“The camps provide a unique and compassionate environment where kids can just be kids. At the same time, college students develop critical leadership skills as they create, manage, fundraise, and run every aspect of their local CK chapter.

There are more than 3 million kids affected by a parent’s cancer. Because they do not appear sick, their needs are often overlooked and they suffer quietly, which can lead to a lot of academic, social, emotional, and developmental problems. Camp Kesem is the only national organization supporting their unique needs.

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This year, Camp Kesem expanded to 54 college chapter across the country, increasing the number of communities we serve by over 32%. With the help of  1,500 college student volunteers, we served more than 2,800 children.

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My background is in PR & Marketing, and I’ve worked in talent, consumer products, and fashion. Working with Camp Kesem has been one of the most rewarding experiences because it has given me the opportunity to truly do something influential for the world we live in.”  Mai-Lan Pham

You can learn more about Camp Kesem at www.campkesem.org, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.