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#1 Foodie Call Of 2013: Cast Your Vote

It’s time to decide who had the most gratifying, shame-defying Foodie Call of 2013. Check out EatStreet’s Top 10 list and cast your vote on Twitter by retweeting your favorite. Whoever gets the most retweets before the new year will win the grand prize — $500 of free food on EatStreet.

We asked, “What’s your favorite type of Foodie Call?”

They answered:

10. #ranchinmymouth @theNatoPotato

Me. Alone in my apartment in my black microfleece robe. You. A Large 1-Topping Pizza and Small Cheese Sticks from Assante’s for $14.99. As I sit in my apartment alone watching reruns of The Daily Show, hoping to dull the pain of waiting for your arrival, I start to think, ‘Should I cook something? I should probably cook something instead. I don’t have a lot of money right now. Would it be douchey to cancel at this point? Can you even cancel an EatStreet order?’

‘SILENCE,’ I say to quiet my doubts.

You deserve this. Assante’s deserves this. Just the thought of that cheese stick, slowly dripping the ranch onto my lap as I take my first bite quells all my doubts. Forty minutes later, my phone rings. A local cell phone number. Is it a woman requesting my sweet sweet love at a surprisingly late time of night? No. It’s Assante’s. Even better.

The wait in the elevator is unbearable. I can’t control it anymore. A mouthful of drool makes itself known. As I swallow it down to hide it from the delivery man, he enters the door. I sign the paper and sprint back to the elevator. Unable to wait, I start eating the cheese sticks in the elevator and I spill the ranch. I stare in horror. The elevator reaches my floor, the doors close, and I cannot move. Creamy deliciousness lies there helpless on the floor. A tear slowly comes down from my face. Then another. And another. I then know what I have to do.

With tears in my eyes, I dip the cheesy stick into the ranch. It tastes as good as I remember. Nothing can stop me now. Not shame, not dignity — nothing. The elevator begins to move and opens on the 2nd floor. ‘I’ll take the stairs,’ Dwayne, the cool guy from the 2nd floor says to me. I say nothing, but my eyes say everything.

After an hour of this excessive mixture of pain and pure joy, I finally retreat to my bed. As I lay down, I look up at the ceiling and think to myself, ‘I’m really fat.’

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9. #AdventureTime @pokeycactus777

I stumble home from the bar with a girl around my arm. But I end up having a threesome with orange chicken and fried rice because my roommate ordered way too much food again while watching Adventure Time.

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8. #UnicornDreams @JessicaHeeseWI

My favorite type of Foodie Call is when it’s around 9 P.M. and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I know deep down in my soul that I want a pineapple pizza, but I can’t bring myself to spend the money. I look around my apartment and try to convince myself that I can eat ramen for dinner… again. But the pizza wins. I go to EatStreet.com, use my the great pizza coupon (so I don’t have to spend tons of money!), and place my order. Within the hour, a delicious pineapple and pepperoni pizza with lots of garlic butter is mine – ALL MINE. Then I go to bed happy and dream of unicorns and chocolate.

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7. #FoodieCallNotBootieCall @AlexGrajewski

A seductive juicy burger with steaming hot melted cheese and sautéed onions that make men kill for. Also, a side of hot crispy steak fries as big as your arm, dipped in creamy ranch. All this after a night of drinking and looking for a 3:30 am foodie call.

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6. #Food4Thought @MechERacer

The midnight pizza call in the Mechanical Engineering Lab. When the pizza gets there… for a moment… I am home. Then I finish eating and reality sets in – I am at the lab still -.-

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5. #MysticPizza @DaveMKlemp1

A 3-4 a.m. foodie call is my typical love. I’m talkin’ about a desperate reach out for my favorite baked and/or fried foods. Gumby’s is my late-night salvation and EatStreet is my post-light savior. Deliver to me, O ye Pizza Gods.

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4. #PokeyStix @MrNik0

The one and only. The cheesiest, warmest, “garlicy-est” munchies ever. And the best freaking deal of mankind. I’m talking about, of course, the world famous Gumby’s Pokey Stix! :)

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3. #WingsOverMadden

When my roommate and I play Madden for Wings Over Madison on EatStreet. He gets incredibly mad when he’s always on EatStreet buying me wings, but hey, at least he’s getting a lot of coupons.

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2. #FoodInTheNood

I order Jose’s Cuban and Sandwich Deli for most of my meals. I got flooded out out of my room so I don’t have a kitchen and my car broke down so I can’t go buy groceries. Foodie Calls to Jose’s have been sustaining me for over a month.

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1. #IWantItAll @yelhsashleyep

ALL OF THEM! How can a true foodie pick just one favorite Foodie Call?? MMM, nom.

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