Street Smarts: Halloween Trivia

Street Smarts has returned to ask you some very important questions. Today is the one day of the  year where you can get away with being whoever/whatever you want to be (even something as abhorrent as the “Twerker-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name”).



Prove your mettle by braving this week’s Halloween Trivia and you could win $25 in free eats:

Question 1: Which candy has the day before Halloween devoted to it?

Question 2: What is the largest pumpkin pie ever baked?

Question 3: What Michael Jackson song is #1 on the Billboard Top 10 Halloween Songs?

Question 4: What is the full name of the main character in the classic 1993 Halloween/Christmas mashup film?

Question 5: According to National Geographic News, what was the top child’s halloween costume in 2010?


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