The Graffeati this week contains foreign languages, made up words, and some serious excitement for cheese!

Carlos in Madison:

Call 608-***-**** when at the door please por favor (Italian) danke schon (German) dank je wel (Dutch) merci bearceau (French) grazie mille (Spanish but not sure lol ok bye) Love you

I really liked this one. It gave me a chance to learn some fancy new words in other languages. I don’t think these are all correct, but who cares! Our customers are well traveled.

Michael in Columbus:

 I like cheese, seriously I F*cking LOVE CHEESE. That and spicey sh*t. Just throwing it out there, cuz I’m hammered and torched.

Such excitement! I hope the cheese volume exceeded your expectations. Here in Wisconsin we love our cheese, but it’s good to see the same enthusiasm in Ohio. As for “spicey sh*t,” I can’t say we’re on the same page. That sounds like the opposite of what I want in my mouth.

Sarah in Iowa city:

Plz make ‘zza saucii. In the front door, door on the right (white door). Call if confused.

I really liked the way saucy was spelled. That’s the only reason I included this comment. Very funnii.

That’s a wrap for this weekend. I think it’s safe to say that the semester is wearing down our customers’ enthusiasm for cracking jokes in the comment section. Don’t forget to send your pizza box art and jokes to or tweet @EatStreet for a chance to win a $10 gift card.

Have a great weekend!