EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #5

After six weeks of shameless storytelling from passionate EatStreeters, I think it’s safe to say there’s no accounting for taste. We currently have five foodie calls in the top ten and each one is truly unique.

Before I announce today’s $50 winner, I think it will be fun to do a quick recap of our previous winners. Their creativity in the face of desire is inspirational, to say the least:

#10 – Nate, Richmond, VA

Nate’s epic story should really be read in its entirety, but here’s his unforgettable conclusion:

…After an hour of this excessive mixture of pain and pure joy, I finally retreat to my bed. As I lay down, I look up at the ceiling and think to myself, “I’m really fat.”

#9 – Nicolai, Ann Arbor, MI

I stumble home from the bar with a girl around my arm. But I end up having a threesome with orange chicken and fried rice because my roommate ordered way too much food again while watching Adventure Time.

#8 – Jessica, Milwaukee, WI

My favorite type of Foodie Call is when it’s around 9 P.M. and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I know deep down in my soul that I want a pineapple pizza, but I can’t bring myself to spend the money. I look around my apartment and try to convince myself that I can eat ramen for dinner… again. But the pizza wins. I go to, use my the great pizza coupon (so I don’t have to spend tons of money!), and place my order. Within the hour, a delicious pineapple and pepperoni pizza with lots of garlic butter is mine – ALL MINE. Then I go to bed happy and dream of unicorns and chocolate.

#7 –  Alex, East Lansing, MI

A seductive juicy burger with steaming hot melted cheese and sautéed onions that make men kill for. Also, a side of hot crispy steak fries as big as your arm, dipped in creamy ranch. All this after a night of drinking and looking for a 3:30 am foodie call.

#6 – Will, Columbus, OH

The midnight pizza call in the Mechanical Engineering Lab. When the pizza gets there… for a moment… I am home. Then I finish eating and reality sets in – I am at the lab still -.-

We’ve seen our fair share of desperation, intoxication, fantasy, aggression, and stress relief. But foodie calls can be so much more than that. They can be supremely meaningful – just ask Dave from Raleigh:

A 3-4 a.m. foodie call is my typical love. I’m talkin’ about a desperate reach out for my favorite baked and/or fried foods. Gumby’s is my late-night salvation and EatStreet is my post-light savior. Deliver to me, O ye Pizza Gods.

pizza is god

There you go. If you find the right dish and really let yourself go, foodie calls can be a spiritual experience. Amen, Dave. We’re giving you $50 so you can continue to donate to those Pizza Gods on Sundays.

We only have four more spots open in the top 10! Remember to enter the sweepstakes on your local EatStreet Facebook page.