Welcome back to this week’s Graffeati and happy belated Thanksgiving! I’ll cut right to the chase.

Andrew in Ann Arbor:

Make this pizza as if you were making it for Beyonce Knowles

I’m just going to pretend that this food actually was for Beyonce — Beyonce is using our website!! OMG!!

Jim in Lawrence:

Write a haiku on the box!

If poem put on box,

Please send a photograph to

Bloggers at EatStreet

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this last section is dedicated to our most gracious and thankful customers!

Gregory in Milwaukee:

I want lettuce on this, but not like a giant heap of it, ya know? In between light and medium amount of lettuce please 🙂 Thank you!!

A smiley followed by a “thank you” with two exclamation points? I hope they heeded your request!

Shaina in Tucson:

I just wanted to apologize for sending you out into the cold, so I really appreciate your delivery! Stay warm!

Wait. It gets cold in Tucson?

5HungryCollege Kids (seriously that’s the name on the order) in Milwaukee:

Thank you for being open late! we all work third shift. Xoxo

Thanks to you and everyone else that works a third shift!

That concludes our weekly edition of Graffeati. Don’t forget to send any pizza box art, jokes, or poetry to for a chance to win a $10 gift card. Enjoy the holiday weekend!