EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #6

You never quite know when hunger will strike, especially when your mind is fully engaged. Whether your slaying all night with your gaming binge, a marathon of your new favorite show , or studying differential equations, you might be occupied for hours on end until the classic question spontaneously arises: “wait… did I eat dinner?”

After a few moments of reflection, you know what you want and you want it immediately. You gotta make that foodie call. This week’s $50 winner knows how it is. Here are the words of Will from Columbus, Ohio:

The midnight pizza call in the Mechanical Engineering Lab. When the pizza gets there… for a moment… I am home. Then I finish eating and reality sets in – I am at the lab still -.-


Foodie Calls are like a warm hug of encouragement. They transport you away from responsibility into another world of bliss and satisfaction, if only for a moment. Thanks for sharing, Will. We’re giving you $50 in Free Eats. Keep up the good study habits and use your gift card to order some #FinalsFuel in December.

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