To be perfectly honest, this week’s comments weren’t the best showing we’ve ever had. Pick it up people – make me laugh! It’s not hard. Even Jeff Foxworthy makes me laugh occasionally. Nonetheless, here are the comments from this week’s orders that gave me a chuckle.

First up, Christopher in Milwaukee:

Go to the door on the left of the building. Ring #4’s doorbell. No cops.

If I was the delivery driver on this, I would have brought backup. I wonder if this guy has had a past run-in with an undercover officer dressed as a delivery driver. That would be some DEEP cover. Well, deep dish maybe.

Second, we have Jacob, also from Milwaukee:

draw ufos attacking milly on the bag

Milly… Miley?  Come on man – get it together! You can redeem yourself by sending us a picture of the evidence, if it was in fact drawn on the bag. Send your pictures to, if we like what we see (and what’s not to like about Miley and UFOs?), we’ll send you a gift card for $10.

Lastly, Steve in Madison:

No sprouts dawg

Real ballers definitely do not eat sprouts. Wouldn’t want your other dawgs to think less of you.

That’s a wrap! Let’s see what you got next week. And let me just stress: we want to see your pizza box art! Tweet it @EatStreet for a chance to win a $10 gift card.