EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #7

Our customers are passionate. We know that when you have a craving, you go to EatStreet to find that thing that will satisfy you the most. But can you have too much passion? This week’s foodie call winner makes you wonder. Up in East Lansing, Michigan, a hungry man called Alex told us about his favorite type of foodie call:

A seductive juicy burger with steaming hot melted cheese and sautéed onions that make men kill for. Also, a side of hot crispy steak fries as big as your arm, dipped in creamy ranch. All this after a night of drinking and looking for a 3:30 am foodie call.


Strong words. Are the men killing each other for the cheese or for the onions? I’m inclined to say cheese, but perhaps that’s my regional bias speaking #WisconsinCheeseRules. Thanks for sharing, Alex – you just won $50 on EatStreet and a chance to win the $500 grand prize!

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