Make Me Hungry

Netflix and Chill(i): The Best TV Show and Food Pairings

Virtually nothing works better together than food and watching TV. There’s something so simple about just zoning out to the screen and munching on nomz that everyone can appreciate it. Colby Palmer from Pop Top! Podcast was able to compile a list of very best Netflix and food pairings that […]

Rub-A-Dub-Dub: Who Eats in the Tub?

We all know and love that time-tested tradition called the shower beer, but what about eating in the shower? Yes, it’s true – there are people in the world – even right in our very own offices – that snack while they soak.

Online Food Ordering for the Big Game

With great sports comes great hunger. Each year, the big football game is one of our busiest at EatStreet. We pulled our online food ordering stats from last year and have them all dressed up in an infographic below. Looking for how pizza performed or whether hot wings won? Check […]

Happy Birthday to Us: EatStreet is Six Years Old Today

It’s our anniversary! EatStreet was founded six years ago today! We opened our business originally as BadgerBites (our founders Matt, Eric, and Alex were still students at the University of Madison-Wisconsin at the time), with all of five restaurants. Our corporate headquarters were a five-bedroom house on Orchard Street in […]

“Pizza” Out, 2015: EatStreet End-Of-Year Stats

It’s the last day in 2015, so we wanted to wrap up the year on Dishin’ It Out by dishing out some numbers at you. Take a look at our handy-dandy stats-tastic roundup of the most popular cuisine types, favorite New Year’s Eve eats, and the top New Year’s Day hangover […]

EatStreet 2015 Gift Guide for Food Fanatics

EatStreet to the rescue with your annual gift guide for those food-loving friends — or even for yourself! Last year we featured some great ideas, but we’re back with more to tantalize your present-peddling personalities. This time we turned to some of your for inspiration, and we hooked up those […]

Sharpen up those pizza cutters

Candy corn comas, dogs in ridiculous costumes, haunted houses that make you scream in delight and pizza…these are a few of our favorite things. And it’s time to get your witch on EatStreeters, Halloween’s almost here. Whether you’ve had “Hocus Pocus” on repeat since October 1 or are still trying to […]

There’s a Pizza Personality for that

I got 99 problems but a pizza ain’t one. You may have heard October is National Pizza Month. Finally a whole month to praise pizza! Undoubtably our insides might be made of cheese based on our weekly pizza intake (when pizza delivery guy has you on speed dial…) but we […]