Buzzer Eater: Get Fed for the Finals

The NBA Finals are just hours away from starting and after three grueling rounds only two hungry teams will have the chance to win the championship. EatStreet had a blast with our March Madnomz tournament, doling out prizes and cash to people who picked the right foods in our food bracket. But college ball is firmly in the rearview and the the finale for the pro season is finally on the horizon. As usual, it’s been a tremendous season for The Association.

Since EatStreet is always looking out for our dearest and dopest home slices, we want to give you a slam dunk deal . Starting today you can take 10% off your next EatStreet order if you use the coupon code, NBANOMZ. Don’t forget to tell your friends too. When you have your closest homies over for the games, you can all order together using the group ordering feature (click here to see how easy it is). Don’t worry about trying to collect cash from anyone either, because we’ve also got the split the bill option so everyone can pay for themselves. This way, when the food arrives, the party begins.

Show us how you’re watching the Finals with your FoodCrew by hitting us up on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Snapchat and you could get rewarded. As always, EatStreet is there for you, even when there isn’t a basketball game on. You can order online or on the app available for both iOS and Android when hunger strikes.

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