Sharing The Love Of Gaming and Food at EatStreet

What do Pac Man, Burger Time, and Hungry, Hungry Hippos have in common? Sure, they’re all games, but they also are all about food!

Gaming and eating have gone hand-in-hand since the creation of both food and games. Could you imagine pulling one of those marathon gaming binges and not being able to get your hands on some pizza slices or chicken wings? No, because it’s never happened.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off this week and we thought there was no better reason for us to talk about our love for all things games than this. E3 is the place where the curtain gets pulled back on upcoming games and brand new games are announced, so it’s basically like gamer Christmas. Since gaming and eating go together as well as Mario and Luigi, we couldn’t help but participate in the festivities. While we won’t be able to make it out to the expo for ourselves, we definitely have plans to celebrate here at HQ.

Seemingly every day we’ve got some kind of gaming going on in the office. Two of our designers, Cole and Sveddy, play daily FIFA matches on PS4. The intensity in our game room rivals only that of Wembley Stadium. But not everyone needs the latest and greatest consoles to have fun. A few of the employees here have more of a retro taste. They’ve been known to engage in a Super Smash Bros. brawl to show their physical dominance using everyone’s most beloved childhood characters. This week will only intensify the ongoing in-office battles and reign for video game supremacy.

You can follow us on Snapchat to see all the gaming that will be going on this week in our office. But also feel free to hit us up anytime on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram so we can see how you like to merge gaming and eating. As always, you can order from EatStreet online or on our free mobile app available on iOS and Android.