EatStreet Survival Guide: Take Our Sushi Quiz

Who would have thought that taking raw fish, uncooked vegetables, and rice and wrapping all that in seaweed would be delicious? On paper it looks bad, but oh heavens, is it fantastic.

We wanted to give a shout out to this Japanese delicacy on this day, International Sushi Day. As beloved as it is, sushi can be a very intimidating and overwhelming process to those who have yet to experience the wonders of sushi. Even though EatStreet makes it easy to order delivery or takeout, there’s an eclectic array of choices you can make (maki, futomaki, uramaki, oh my!). If you don’t have much experience with sushi, you can quickly find yourself in the sea-weeds.

We don’t want people getting a raw deal, so we’ve developed a handy-dandy, easy-peasy flowchart to help you get your sushi on. Based off your choices, our chart will lead you to the perfect piece of sushi. If you’re so inclined, you can order all of the choices, just to make sure that you made the correct choice. Follow the chart and get fed!


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