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Netflix and Chill(i): The Best TV Show and Food Pairings

Virtually nothing works better together than food and watching TV. There’s something so simple about just zoning out to the screen and munching on nomz that everyone can appreciate it. Colby Palmer from Pop Top! Podcast was able to compile a list of very best Netflix and food pairings that all people can enjoy.

5. Breaking Bad and Pizza

Breaking Bad and pizza, everyone’s favorite paired with everyone’s other favorite. Breaking Bad is one of the most streamed shows on Netflix, which is why it gets the distinction of being the only non-Netflix-produced show on this list. Some may ask, “Why pizza?” Well to that we say, “Why not pizza?” Not only does this tie into an iconic scene of the show, it also serves a more practical purpose. Once you start watching Breaking Bad, there is very little chance you’ll have any ability to do anything other than grabbing another slice and staying glued to the screen.

Our suggestions: Southwest-style pizza with extra jalapeños

4.  BoJack Horseman and Quesadillas

BoJack Horseman is about a horse, who has reached rock bottom in his life. A former 90s sitcom star tries to make his way back from a life of excess and back into the brightest lights Hollywood has to offer. To commemorate a show about our darkest hour, we need a food that helps us see a light at the end of the tunnel. Tried and true, the quesadilla has gotten more people through tough times than FDR and Adele combined. BoJack can get more than a little heavy at times, so be sure to have some chips and guacamole to catch your tears. The show is based around humanoid animals though, so maybe go with a meatless option if you feel compelled to show a sign of solidarity.

Our suggestions: Vegetarian quesadilla with mango salsa

3. Master of None and Pasta

Oh, Master of None, how we love thee. The show is an interesting, hilarious, and sometimes heart-wrenching look at modern day romance. This is why we pair it with a staple of date night romance — pasta. Whether it’s lasagna, chicken parmesan, or a classic spaghetti and meatballs, there’s literally no wrong choice. Be warned, you may find yourself laughing so hard that a meatball flies off your fork and rolls down your shirt (Aziz Ansari can do that to you). And when things start to get real cute on screen, don’t be afraid to grab the longest noodle and do your best Lady and the Tramp impersonation. We won’t judge.

Our suggestions: Classic spaghetti and meatballs

2.  House of Cards and Barbecue

We love barbecue. Frank Underwood loves barbecue. Clearly, we thought this would be a perfect match. House of Cards is an engrossing political drama about common corruption and shady undertakings on Capitol Hill focusing mostly on anti-hero Frank Underwood and his wife Claire. To best accompany such a complex story with so many different twist and turns, you’ll need something that doesn’t need to be explained to you. Something simple and with a sweet barbecue tang like Freddy’s. Whether it’s pulled pork, chicken, or brisket, get some of that down-home goodness to contrast with the darkness that could permeate your life after watching this show.

Our suggestions: Barbecued pork ribs, mashed sweet potatoes, and potato salad

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Chinese Food

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the perfect show to watch with a group of friends and we believe in the bond that can be forged between food and friends. Unbreakable takes place in the absurdist version of modern-day New York City where a former “molewoman” makes her way through the Big Apple. Nothing says friendship like sharing egg rolls or splitting an order of fried rice. You and your friends are as unbreakable as Kimmy herself, so next time you’re feeling out of your depth, just order some local Chinese, grab your friends, and belt out the catchy theme to this great show.

Our suggestions: Chicken lo mein and a bottle of Pinot Noir

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