Eats Of Strength: A Journey To Food Glory

The smell of competition (or is it pizza?) is in the air. The games are in full swing, but one competitor has his eyes set on a different prize. Grant Van Pizza may never compete in real competitions, but he looks forward to the athl-eat-ic event that combines his marginal athletic ability with his favorite activity – eating. He’s entering the Eats of Strength competition.

Grant Van Pizza wants to show the world his astonishing Eats of Strength. He’s a relative newcomer to the scene, but has cemented himself with one spectacular event. His Pizza Box Toss is unrivaled due to his hard work, perseverance, and lack of talent in other sports. Since many people don’t know exactly what it takes to be a stellar athlEAT, Grant wanted to share his workout diary:


“My alarm goes off every morning at the crack of dawn. But then I hit snooze because that’s way too early. I’m throwing a pizza box, not training for a real sport.”


“This is when I actually get up. I usually order some pizza and begin my training. I warm up with sit ups, push ups and jumping jacks, you know, just to get the juices flowing. Then I add in the pizza boxes to those warm ups and that’s when I really get in the zone. I can’t be toned down after that.


After an intense, grueling 9-minute workout, I hit the hay for a recuperative 4-hour nap. I can’t overdo it. I work hard, then nap hard. Burnout is the number one cause of failure, behind not trying and not having arms.


“I rise from my slumber ready to start my training again. I order a large pizza, all to myself.  It’s a mental process I’ve worked out for myself to gain an advantage.

When I look at the box, I have to conquer it on the outside, but also the inside. I have to put myself in the box’s place. Get inside it, mentally. So I figured that since pizza was inside the box, that’s how I will overcome it.

I usually devour the pepperoni pie in less than ten minutes.

It’s all for the training, I swear.”


This is where I really put my nose to the grindstone and go all out. I’ve got an assortment of workouts:

  • Pizza Box dead lifts (3×10 @ 2 lbs.)
  • Running with boxes (Run until I get tired. Usually about 10 meters.)
  • Russian twists with boxes (My personal record is 8)
  • Box lunges (2×8, 4 boxes)

While Grant’s training continues, we want to see what you’ve got!

Show Us Your Eats Of Strength

Send us a photo, video, or written entry showing off your Eats of Strength via FacebookTwitterInstagram, from today through Sunday August 14th. You can follow in Grant’s footsteps by doing the pizza box toss or create your own event by combining any athletic event with food!

If we like your submission, you could win a gold, silver, or bronze prize with an EatStreet cash attached for a medal you can really bite into. As always, you can order from EatStreet online or on our free mobile app available on iOS and Android.