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Closing The Door On Fridgemas In July

The Fridge Gnome may have won a few battles, but we won the war on Fridgemas In July. The official giveaway ended yesterday, but we’re not sick of the giving season yet. If you entered but didn’t win, keep reading because we’ve got one more present for you. First off, congratulations to the big winners. They were hooked up with money for Netflix, Amazon, Steam, and EatStreet. We hope you enjoy your stocking stuffer as much as we enjoy giving them out.

For those of you didn’t win, don’t worry!

If you entered the competition but didn’t win anything, we’re tossing you a 10% off coupon! Keep an eye out for the coupon code, which will appear in your email today. You can use that on your next order, or save it until it expires this Sunday, July 31. Either way, we just wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciate you playing. Y’all are dope.

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