Rub-A-Dub-Dub: Who Eats in the Tub?

We all know and love that time-tested tradition called the shower beer, but what about eating in the shower? Yes, it’s true – there are people in the world – even right in our very own offices – that snack while they soak.

Erica from marketing started this whole thing by divulging that she occasionally drinks her morning coffee in the shower.

I tend to run late in the mornings, but also love going to the gym. I started making myself a smoothie after the gym and just drinking it in the shower so 1) I could brush my teeth AFTER breakfast, and 2) wouldn’t have to either put my smoothie in the freezer or leave it out. Both of those wreck its consistency. I also love to have coffee in the morning before going to work. I don’t drink smoothies all that often anymore but love my morning coffee. Especially in the colder months, I love being warm from both the shower water and the coffee. It’s like my reward for getting up early and getting to the gym.

Also, I’d like to dispel the myth that water gets in the coffee. NOPE. I set it on the ledge of the back part of the shower. The water does not reach there.

We are so glad she clarified the water aspect. Take a page from the shower beer instruction manual: Put it on the ledge.

TJ from our sales department regales us with a tasty tale about the “one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life”:

Freshman year, living in the Sellery dorms here at the University of Wisonsin-Madison. Below freezing temperatures out and I’m walking home late from a party. I’m very drunk and I’m very cold, but I’m also very hungry. So, I decide to stop and get a burger on the way home. When it’s THAT cold outside, the only thing that’ll warm me up is a hot shower, so I definitely had that on my agenda, but what about my burger? Do I let it sit in my dorm room and get cold while I take an hour-long shower? Absolutely not. I take the burger out of its wrapping, march into the bathroom with my burger ready to eat, and enjoy what may have the best cheeseburger of my life; during a steaming hot shower, just ketchup, soap, and mustard all over the place.”

Sounds messy, but also sounds delicious.

Adam from our offices says this food phenomenon happens every few months for him, but his preferred place is the tub:

Well, I have never eaten a burrito in the bath, but that would be great. I’ve mostly eaten desserts. I have eaten Twinkies in the bath while watching TV, have eaten cereal in the bath (gotta put a chair next to bath to put plate on), and have had a slice of pizza in the bath. And honestly, it doesn’t matter if a bit falls in. Like, when you’re relaxing that deeply, a floating pepperoni or piece of Twinkie is not an issue.

Floating bath pepperonis. Perhaps new Lush cosmetics idea?

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