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Here are Your FoodCupid Winners!

Dearest EatStreeters,

It’s time to find out whether the FoodCupid’s pizza-arrow struck you this Valentine’s Day!

Last week we opened up our captivating FoodCupid cuisine “plating” website for you to choose from three profiles of eligible entrees. We randomly selected one winner from each profile’s votes, and the results are in. Get ready to be wooed by the three winners who are picking up $50 in EatStreet cash!

I'm in #FoodLove with Chinese Food! #FoodCupid
The perfect partner for Chinese Food is:
 Arianna Castonguay of Orono!
(It was the poetry line that got you, wasn’t it?)
I'm in #FoodLove with Pizza! #FoodCupid
The favored friend to Pizza is: 
Dart Hutson of Tallahassee!
(Dart–>arrow–>Cupid’s arrow—>Valentine’s Day… it was meant to be.)
I'm in #FoodLove with Burger! #FoodCupid
The delicious date for Burger is:
Jody Mohrbacher of Madison!
(Mohrbacher? More like More Burger!)

Congratulations, you three! Please contact us on Twitter or Facebook to claim your prize. You can share these images on social by hovering over the images until the social media icons appear.

All this talk about romance and eating got you hungry? You can order great local food now at or via our free mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Love and pizza,

EatStreet HQ

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