Make Me Hungry

Whet Your Autumn APPetite

When does autumn officially arrive? Is it when the sun crosses the celestial equator? When chlorophyll breaks down, leaving the deciduous forest forlorn and barren? Or is it when you realize it’s getting dark real quick and you snap that uber cute Insta-pic of your Ugg boots perfectly paired with […]

Raise a pizza slice this weekend

This Saturday would have been the 103rd birthday of Julia Child, “The French Chef”, a woman who loved food with every ounce of her 6-foot-2″ frame.  To Julia, life was all about enjoying a good meal and the culinary journey that led to that last savory and delicate bite. Be […]

Top 10 Finals Foods

It’s that special time of year when every college student transforms into an unstoppable scholarly robot programmed to perform two functions: “MUST EAT FOOD. MUST DO FINALS.” Personal vanity is quickly forgotten. Your last good night of sleep was a week ago. But hey – at least you’ve got hella dinner […]


You know Spring Break will come eventually. You start planning in October, picking the top vacation spots and a prime crew to make (forgetful) memories with. Winter arrives with the blows of another academic semester hitting hard, and Spring Break is as tangible as that 4.0 you told yourself you were getting […]

The 7 Types of Drunchie-ers

This month we took a different approach when selecting our favorite #drunchies posts. Instead of limiting our late night munching favorites to simply Twitter, we turned to the always clever domain of Vine. Behold the latest compilation of #drunchies posts by people who can’t stop the craving. What kind of […]

Best Food Moments on Screen

Food, diners and feasts are an integral part of movies. Whether it’s an explicit chow-down or a subtle reoccurring theme of a burger, food is arguably a famous component of many movies. Check out our favorite compiled list of food features on the big screen:

Happy National Guacamole Day

It’s national guacamole day and you better believe that EatStreet is observing this holiday of all things righteous and avocado. Follow the simple steps below to have an enjoyable guacamole celebration.

Food on Instagram Vs. Real Life

We all have that one friend that flaunts their Instagram account more than what is appropriately permissible. Blame it on the filters, the lighting or their endless access to quaint brunch venues; these kids just have a strong Instagram game. But before you get worked up over another perfectly placed piece […]