The 7 Types of Drunchie-ers

This month we took a different approach when selecting our favorite #drunchies posts. Instead of limiting our late night munching favorites to simply Twitter, we turned to the always clever domain of Vine. Behold the latest compilation of #drunchies posts by people who can’t stop the craving. What kind of drunchie-er are you?

1. The Experimental Drunchie-er

Who says you can’t add a chocolate bar to a bowl of marshmallow sugar chunks? Not me.

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2. The “Let me devour in peace” Drunchie-er

It’s a personal experience.

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3. The Proud Chef Drunchie-er

I don’t think noodles are supposed to be cooked in a pan, nor am I sure what the brown nugget looking forms are. But these are meaningless details compared to the incandescent pride radiating from the unreasonably satisfied chef. Cook on.

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4. The Boss of all Drunchie-ers

No messing around here folks. Bacon, lots of it. Sizzling. Cat. Crispy.

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5. The Well Seasoned Drunchie-er

Customized drunchie table. Great idea or greatest idea?

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6. The Non-Stop Boogie Drunchie-er

If there is the sweet promise of food, shoulder rolling and soul clapping are guaranteed to ensue.

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7. The Shameless Drunchie-er

Note the larger than average bucket hat. Step aside haters.

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