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To be perfectly honest, this week’s comments weren’t the best showing we’ve ever had. Pick it up people – make me laugh! It’s not hard. Even Jeff Foxworthy makes me laugh occasionally. Nonetheless, here are the comments from this week’s orders that gave me a chuckle. First up, Christopher in Milwaukee: […]


I’m back with our now weekly installment of Graffeati! For those of you who think I forgot to use spell check, I should mention that Graffeati is what our users leave on their EatStreet orders. We let people give special requests for each food item they order and sometimes, they decide to […]

Restaurant Profile: D.P. Dough

When you think of Illinois, you think of Chicago, the land of deep dish pizza and ‘Chicago Dogs.’ While you can enjoy a piece of deep dish pizza with a fork and knife, wouldn’t you rather be folding it in half and letting the grease run down your arm as […]


After a brief hiatus, Graffeatti is back! This week is by far one of the strangest sets of comments I have ever seen. Starting us off we have Christopher from Champaign with a classic foodie call: make a gud jab pizza. mamma mia 😉 It gets better: Pizza good make […]


As we read through this week’s comments, we laughed, we cried (only once), we cringed, and then we picked out our favorites. Eric from Tucson gave us a great mental image: “Disregard ‘beware of dog’ sign on gate — left from prior owners; I have small dogs and will have […]

Welcome to TweetStreet

Welcome, friends. I want to take you to a magical place where people share their foodie secrets. It’s a place for people to find free food and cackle with delight at our gastronomically inspired jokes. Not sure what I’m talking about? Ok. Let’s take a walk down TweetStreet. #foodaholic Thank […]

Restaurant Profile: Sushi Planet

With 64 sushi restaurants in The City of Brotherly Love, how can you choose just one for the perfect meal? Options that come to mind include drawing straws, playing 64-way eenie meeny miny moe, or having the owners of each restaurant fight gladiator-style for your business. Although these are all […]


We’re back with another recap of our favorite order comments. Without further ado, here is the best comment of the week: “This bro named Matt is picking up our pizza. Would you kindly give it to him. Thank you. Please give him a nice compliment if you can, e.g. ‘Your […]

Restaurant Profile: Cafe Costa Rica

When you think of Madison, WI, the first things that come to mind are Badgers, beer, and Caribbean food. Okay, that last one might not be entirely accurate, but after tasting the food at Cafe Costa Rica, you’ll be sure to equate this Midwestern town with the flavors of the […]