Restaurant Profile: Cafe Costa Rica

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When you think of Madison, WI, the first things that come to mind are Badgers, beer, and Caribbean food. Okay, that last one might not be entirely accurate, but after tasting the food at Cafe Costa Rica, you’ll be sure to equate this Midwestern town with the flavors of the islands.

Cafe Costa Rica came from humble beginnings. Thony “Mango Man” Clarke operated a Caribbean-themed food cart around the Capitol Square and University of Wisconsin Campus. When his restaurateur friend moved to Puerto Rico and offered Thony a space to start a full-fledged restaurant on Butler Street, Cafe Costa Rica was born. Word of this gem spread, and the cafe moved to a larger location on Willy Street.

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A diverse collection of Caribbean dishes, from Tico Steak to Coconut Shrimp, can be found on the menu. Mango Man is known for his two incredible salsas, “Mango Man” salsa and “Monte Verde” salsa. The former is a sweet, tangy, tongue-tingling mix of veggies. The latter, both mellow and spicy, is infused with jalapenos.

Cafe Costa Rica delivers throughout Madison, which means you can have paradise brought to your door.

What: Cafe Costa Rica

Where: 1133 Williamson Street, Madison WI

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday-Saturday 4:30 PM – 10:00 PM.

Most Popular Dish: Curried Chicken ($12.95, Tender chicken, slow cooked in the Mango Man’s famous homemade curry sauce)

What Customers Are Saying About Cafe Costa Rica (via Yelp):

  • “The Tico Steak is amazing and succulent.”
  • “The Mango Man (owner and cook) has brought the flavor of his home country to Madison and with it the charm of a person who loves what he does and takes pride in his work.”
  • “One of the top 5 meals I’ve had in Madison!  It was so delicious and also unique.”

How To Order: