Thanksgiving By The Numbers How much gobbling will you do this week?

Any holiday where you’re encouraged –nay,  expected to absolutely stuff your face is one after EatStreet’s gravy-covered heart. Thanksgiving’s the time of year to mash some potatoes, cram some cran, and tantalize yourself with truckloads of turkey. But how much time and money exactly goes into Thanksgiving weekend?

We dug into the stats on how many goodies you’ll be gobbling up and how much it might set you back.


If you’re forking down some turkey this Thanksgiving, you’ll be enjoying one of the estimated 51,650,000 birds that met their roasted fate.


Hosting any holiday can be a scary thought, luckily the whole meal should only cost about $59.18 per household. If you’re partaking in the shopping festivities the following day, that number bumps up to an average of $342 per household spent on Thanksgiving weekend!


Heading out of town for some of Uncle Horace’s famous Thanksgiving treats? Keep your eyes on the road since there are going to be about 39,000,000 families traveling that day. Wouldn’t want to get into a fender bender before piling in some pumpkin pie.


Throughout the year, the average American scarfs down a whopping 16 pounds of turkey! Thanksgiving isn’t the only day to take down a roasted bird.

This holiday, enjoy your family, friends and loved ones and inhale some homemade cookin’. EatStreet’s always here, so take some time for turkey town.