Best Finals Brain Food Keep your noodle sharp for the year's final push

Are endless equations making your eyes glaze over? Or maybe last minute shopping is putting you in a tinseled tizzy. We’re here to make sure you’re primed and prepped for finals, the holidays and the end of the year in general. No, we can’t encourage a tucked away cheat sheet or order Nana’s gift for you, but we can help by giving you a list of the best brain foods around.

Some may laugh at the idea of brain foods, but at EatStreet we take all types of food very seriously. Now obviously things like pizza, Chinese, and wings are going to be late-night go to’s to push you forward through a taxing evening. Power through the throes of finals and the holiday season with these highly recommended brain foods from


EatStreet’s got plenty of sushi to fill your needs. Get your favorite makizushi, nigiri or temari rolls and boost your brain with healthy proteins and omega-3 fatty acids.

Dark Leafy Greens

No surprise that some nice green vegetables can help you feel better. Salads can often be a good change of pace from heavy, greasy foods. But if they aren’t your thing, you can always just get extra lettuce on your burger or broccoli with your sesame chicken.

Whole Grains

Nothing can fill you up quite like a meal full of whole grains can. Whether it’s a burrito bowl, sandwiches with wheat bread, or a quinoa salad, grains are the perfect example of filling energy.

We wish you the best of luck to close out 2017. If these foods aren’t quite up your alley, check out the full list and remember EatStreet’s always got your back.