Enter EatStreet’s NOMzgiving Giveaway!

Your Halloween costume has been stowed away, your best winter sweater is broken in, and you’re fully prepared to indulge yourself with gluttonous glee. But before you can stuff your face, it’s important to remember the most important part of this time of year. They don’t call it ‘The Giving Season’ for nothing.

All of us have that one friend or a co-worker that we lean on more than others. They’re always there, no questions asked, through thick and thin. In honoring this amazing person, wouldn’t you like to give them something in return? You can with our take on friendsgiving celebrations, which we’re calling Nomzgiving.

It’s easy to do. Go HERE and nominate someone close to you. We want to know what makes them so special and they could win $100 EatStreet cash! And since we’re feeling generous, if your friend wins, you’ll get a little something for yourself.

If you can’t wait for the win, you can hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #Nomzgiving and we’ll hook you up with a smaller prize! We will announce the winners on Wednesday, November 23rd.

Feel free to follow us on those same channels for the latest in EatStreet happenings. Also, if you just can’t wait to see if you’ve won or not we’re available for order whenever, wherever on our mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as EatStreet.com!