EatStreet’s Munchie Mansion

Halloween night is coming to a close. You’ve spent the better part of the evening traversing local neighborhoods, knocking on doors and successfully collecting your favorite candies. You think you’re on your way home but your eyes have been drawn to your bundle of confectionary treasure. Before you know it, you’ve found yourself in a part of town you don’t recognize and the sun has long set. The only thing you can see is a thick woodsy area. But off in the distance, through the trees is a solemn, dark house.

You’ve heard stories about this supposedly haunted house. People have said that if you go in there hungry, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling full. Purportedly, the people who populate the home are most interesting characters you could possibly meet, but you aren’t sure. Who would live in this dark, desolate place?

You make your way towards the unsettling, eerie dwelling. The moon seems to swell and illuminate brighter with every labored step you take. As you finally approach the gate a sweeping sense of gloom shakes to your core. It’s not fright. It’s not dread. No, that feeling you have is hunger.