2016 NOMzgiving Winners!

This time of year is one where people think about what kinds of things they are most thankful for as well as the people in their lives that they couldn’t live without. We took this as an opportunity for people to express their gratitude to important people in their lives and why they deserve some EatStreet cash this holiday season. We started that last week and have received hundreds of great entries on incredible people around the country and today we are announcing the grand prize winner as well as some other touching stories.

While we wish we could gift everyone who submitted a terrific story, we only had one grand prize winner. Many of the entries were moving, funny, weird or a combination of the three, but we loved reading every single one of them. We wanted to take time to shine a light on some of the other fantastic and heartfelt stories that were shared with us.

Michelle M:

I was in a very bad relationship, and needed to move out. I had lost my job, had very little money, and no hope of making that happen. David and I had gone to high school together 20 years prior, and really hadn’t been friends (though we had the same circle of friends). We connected on Facebook and started talking. He learned about my situation, and decided that he was going to let me come live with him. He helped me get a truck, helped me move out, and let me stay with him for over a year while I got back on my feet. I’m so thankful for him. He helped me when no one else, including my family would. We’ve now become best friends and are planning to get married. He’s the best person I know, and he deserves extra love this holiday season for his big heart.

Renita S:

I needed help during the passing of my grandmother. Kalil drained his entire bank account to help me purchase Flight ticket to attend the funeral. I still owe him until this day. I think hes better than a friend. He’s a hero. I think he should be nominated for being a good angel.Thank you!!!

Gina M:

Before my husband was my husband, he was just Jason… my best friend. I have Crohn’s Disease and became very ill. Jason tended to me like it was his calling. He learned how to make special food, did research on my disease, drove me to countless Doctor and Hospital visits. When the severe dark times hit, Jason would pick me up off of the floor and put me to bed religiously. He cried with me when the pain struck and cursed along with me as I danced in my pity party. I wasted away to 82lbs and finally was admitted to the hospital an hour away from our town. Jason never left my side, ate hospital dinners and barely slept for 9 days. I knew then not only did I love him, but he saved my life. Who wouldn’t say yes to a lifetime with a man like this? I am thankful for my best friend, my husband, my everything… Jason Morris.

However the grand prize winner belonged to Melanie G. and the lovely story of her dear nephew:

Me and my partner just moved into a new house and my dear nephew was the one who stepped up and was ALWAYS there whenever we called on him to help us out with the heavy loads. He answered my every text and calls with a sweet smile knowing I was going to ask him to come over and lift something heavy for us. He NEVER once refused our request and always left saying “let me know if you need me this weekend or any other time”. He is a young man with a full time job and a life of his own, but he never forgot about his aunt and never let me down. I love him so much and he deserves to be honored for always being there for us when we truly needed him the most during our move. He is such a good, young man who we love dearly.

Thanks again to all of you that entered a story to the NOMzgiving Giveaway, we adored your stories.

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