EatStreet One Of Best Places To Work

This week EatStreet was named one of the best places to work by Madison Magazine. We’re incredibly grateful to be included in this group of companies that we respect and admire very much.

We humbly say, ‘thank you.’

Thank you to the restaurants and their owners, especially the ones in Madison who took a chance with us early on when we were still trying to figure everything out. Without you all we wouldn’t have been able to feed countless people across the city of Madison and then eventually, the country.

Thank you to those very customers who have welcomed us in and let us be a part of the dinner plans for over six years. You could go anywhere for dinner, but you picked EatStreet. And for that, we can’t express enough gratitude.

Thank you to the investors who believed in us enough to let us try enough different things to make EatStreet such a successful company.

And lastly, thank you to all of the employees of EatStreet – past and present. When this company was started in 2010, it was impossible to tell where it would go. From late nights in apartments, to long days in our first office, to housing over 100 employees in a brand new office, the growth we’ve been able to achieve is solely because of you. With your hard work and ability to think outside of the (pizza) box, we’ve been able to keep this train rolling for the better part of a decade. So thank you again for voting us as one of the best places to work.

We always strive for success and push ourselves to maximize the best results possible. But every once in a while, you’ve got to stop, take a step back and appreciate the progress that’s been made.

So here’s to looking back at years of success attained and looking forward to triumphs ahead.

Matt Howard, CEO