How Do You Eat Your Feelings?

Food is something that relates to all of our emotions. Whether you’re celebrating the happiest of birthdays, crying after you just bombed a test, or angry because someone told you that you shouldn’t eat pizza for dinner every day this week, food always has your back.

That’s why we want to know how you eat your feelings.

Do you have a go-to comfort food when you’re down in the dumps? How about a food fit for only the finest festivities? We want to see how your food makes you feel.

Hit us up onย Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,ย using #EatYourFeelings to show us all your food faces, pre, during and post-meal. If we like your #EatYourFeelings pic/gif, we will hook you up with some food or EatStreet cash!

No matter what the feelings, food can make it better and we want to see it!

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