Happy Cheeseburger Day!

Sometimes it feels like everyone has forgotten about me. Seems like not too long ago I was a celebrated and permanent fixture of people’s dinner time plans, but I have been left behind and replaced. However, today I plan on changing that. Today is my day. Today is Cheeseburger Day.

I could sit back and feel sorry for myself, thinking I’m not as popular as I once was. It would be easy to complain about pizza, sushi, and Chinese food getting all the glory these days. But I’m not here for that. It’s time cheeseburger made a comeback for the ages.

I’ve sat back for far too long. It’s time to take back my deserved place amongst the top of your dinner plans. I’m urging you to order your favorite burger meal on EatStreet. I’m worried the other meals aren’t taking care of you as well as I can. Order me with all your favorite toppings, sauces and you better not forget my good friend, French Fries.

To further encourage you, we’re offering a discount. Today only use code, SESAMEBUN for 10% off your next burger order! It’s time to make burgers great again!

We will not go quietly without a bite! Hunger will not be banished without our might! We’re going to eat on. Cheeseburger is what you’ll decide. Today, we celebrate our ascendence back to the menu day!