Street Smarts: Amorous Eats Winner

Last week, with Valentine’s Day approaching, we assessed your knowledge of love and food. Several players entered, but only one was targeted by Cupid’s arrow. The winner of this round of Street Smarts is:

Hannah Clark

Ithaca, NY

Congratulations, Hannah! You just won $25 in free food from EatStreet!


For everyone else, here are the answers to Amorous Eats:

Question 1: What percentage of Americans prefer to cook at home or order in, rather than go out, on Valentine’s Day?


Question 2:  About how many Conversation Hearts candies are made each year?

8 billion

Question 3: Which chocolate maker produced the first box of chocolates in the late 1800s?

Richard Cadbury

Question 4: What supposedly-aphrodisiac fruit was banned by Spanish priests for being too obscenely sexual in appearance?


Question 5: How much money will the average couple spend on Valentine’s Day dinner in the U.S.?



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