Street Smarts: Amorous Eats

We at EatStreet believe that our users have a healthy amount of common sense: ordering delivery or takeout online is easy, fast, and affordable. You eat smart. But let’s put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, we’ll put our money where your mouth is…Answer every one of our bi-weekly food trivia questions correctly and you could win $25 of free food on EatStreet.


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and love is in the air. On February 14, you’ll cuddle with your one true love—food. No matter who you are or what you do, food will always be there to fulfill the promise of contentment and bliss. Here are a few yummy V-Day questions for you to ponder:

Question 1: What percentage of Americans prefer to cook at home or order in, rather than go out, on Valentine’s Day?

Question 2:  About how many Conversation Hearts candies are made each year?

Question 3: Which chocolate maker produced the first box of chocolates in the late 1800s?

Question 4: What supposedly-aphrodisiac fruit was banned by Spanish priests for being too obscenely sexual in appearance?

Question 5: How much money will the average couple spend on Valentine’s Day dinner in the U.S.?

Submit your answers using the form below by Sunday, February 9 to be eligible to win.

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