Graffeati: Made with Love

It’s a frigid time of the year in most parts of the country, but today love warms our hearts. For those bachelors and bachelorettes out there, I will attempt to warm your hearts in this post. And if that doesn’t work, order some hot-and-sour soup on our site. That’ll surely do the trick.


Ryan in Lawrence:

“Can I have my pizza made with love?”

I like to think that every pizza is made with love. On days I don’t order pizzas on EatStreet, I make my own. Each dollop of sauce is spread with the care of a doctor treating his patient. Every shred of cheese is carefully blessed and placed upon the pizza. I usually make a heart out of pepperonis too.

Jack in Greensboro:

“Deliver food to Kay Jewelers, 1st floor”

It finally happened! This gentleman is having his sub sandwich delivered to the jewelry store (aka the most romantic place of all time). I’m picturing him discreetly placing a ring betwixt slices of deli meats. His significant other is sure in for a surprise!

Sarah in Madison:

“draw a heart on the wrapping paper with the following written inside the heart: GJBCG & PP”

This is a brilliant gesture. Not to mention a helluva set of initials. Meatball sub with extra cheese? Consider me smitten.

There was lots of love and care for delivery drivers, too. Dan in Chicago:

“Please be careful when walking because there is a lot of black ice”

Ryan in Michigan:

“Drive Safe :)”

This concludes our Valentine’s Day edition of Graffeati! Whether your single, taken, or “it’s complicated,” know this: the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.*

*Physicians usually access the heart through a radial artery. But for the sake of this blog, disregard that information.