EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls of 2013


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EatStreet is on a mission to share the top ten most gratifying, shame-defying foodie calls of 2013. Enter the Foodie Call Sweepstakes on Facebook for your chance to win weekly $50 giveaways and the $500 grand prize.

It Pays To Be Honest

Weekly $50 Giveaways

  • One $50 winner will be announced every Saturday on Facebook & Twitter. These winners will comprise the Top 10.

$500 Grand Prize Winner

  • Our fans will vote for their favorite #FoodieCall on Twitter. @EatStreet will tweet the Top 10 Foodie Calls, and whoever receives the most retweets will win. The winner will be announced on January 1st, 2014.

What is a Foodie Call?

A rumble from below. A deep desire to dine. You quickly scan EatStreet to find someone who can deliver the goods. Sweet or spicy? It’s too late to be picky. We all have needs and a Foodie Call is that special arrangement meant to get those needs met.

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