Top 5 Most Exotic Pizza Toppings


5.  Smoked Reindeer

Reindeer is quite the delicacy in Finland where this pizza topping is most popular.  The official name, Pizza Berlusconi, has been adopted in other European and Asian countries.  It took home 1st place in America’s Plate International (beating out – get this – the Italians!) and has been growing in popularity ever since.

Personally this is the topping I’d most like to try on this list, as long as the reindeer is de-antlered (that’s a word, right?) properly.  I just hope Finland isn’t topping its pizzas with anything resembling a red nose.

Bananas and Curry

4.  Bananas and Curry

Bananas and chocolate, bananas and strawberries, bananas and… curry?  Bananas have been paired with a lot of foods over the years, but curry and pizza might be the most interesting.  The combination, which is very popular in Sweden, features the savory flavor of curry powder and is sometimes considered an alternate version of the Hawaiian pie.  With reviews and recipes all over the Internet, the bananas and curry combo might be Sweden’s #1 original pizza topping.


3.  Crocodile and Kangaroo

Australia’s no stranger to crocodiles or kangaroos, so it only makes sense that they’d also include them in their pizza-eating experience.  It actually makes a lot of sense – with all these animals running around, they’re bound to end up on a pizza eventually.  Many Australian eateries now offer these popular toppings.  Sydney’s Australian Heritage Hotel marinates theirs in Thai herbs and spicy coconut cream, and they even offer an emu-topped pizza.

Squid Ink Pizza

2.  Seafood and Squid Ink

Japan is well known for its seafood, especially its squid, but you have to sea this food tradition to believe it.  The black ink, which has even been put on other Italian dishes like pasta, gives the pizza a sweet taste, even though the pizza may no longer be as aesthetically pleasing.  Other toppings that are often paired with squid ink are shrimp, pasta and octopus.  Squid ink is a very popular pizza topping in Japan, but it still sounds a bit fishy to me.

snake venom

1.  Spider/Scorpion/Snake Venom

Who would’ve thought central and northern Europe would claim 3 of the 5 spots on this list?  Perhaps the Swiss-based pizza chef Ismail Ertekin did.  He served pizza pies with small amounts of spider, scorpion and snake venom and even claimed that this venom could help cure arachnophobia.  His pies have since been banned by health officials.  I have no idea why health officials of all people would have a problem with this business owner topping his pizzas with venom… none whatsoever.