After a brief hiatus, Graffeatti is back! This week is by far one of the strangest sets of comments I have ever seen. Starting us off we have Christopher from Champaign with a classic foodie call:

make a gud jab pizza. mamma mia πŸ˜‰

It gets better:

Pizza good make it good hello I am so happy to be alive tonight haha im drunk teehee smiley face winky face

Puts a smile on my face to see comments like this. We love our late night customers! I’m glad we could make this young man’s night even better. Next up is Mike from East Lansing with a very cryptic message:

If you are so kind The eyes will stay blind And your will share with mine Mushrooms in my lie

I wish I understood the meaning of this comment. Yet somehow, despite my confusion, the statement feels right. Finally, Dragon in Milwaukee comes through with our last comment of the week:

Gyro sandwich label Dragon. Cheesesteak make plain with only cheese and steak label Nighthawk

These two fellows sound like fun. We want to hang with Dragon and Nighthawk! However, their address was marked β€œThe Dragons Layer.” Don’t you think a dragon would know how to spell the word lair? I have a feeling this guy might not actually be a dragon…

That wraps up this week’s Graffeati – have a great weekend!