EatStreet Gives Back: Iowa Youth Writing Program

Look back to the last time that you ordered on – did you take the time to select an organization to give back to?

Today I am proud to introduce you to Elle Wignall, the Development Intern for the Iowa Youth Writing Project, one the organizations listed on EatStreet – Iowa City. This is what she had to say about the wonderful organization she is a part of:

β€œThe Iowa Youth Writing Project is a nonprofit organization focused on integrating Iowa City’s amazing literary tradition with the talented, creative, and energetic youth in the area. Through, almost always, free language arts workshops and events, made possible by our great volunteers and partners, we aim to empower, inspire, and educate Iowa’s youth.


Out-of-the-box thinking is always encouraged and admired in the IYWP, and watching students go from shy and nervous about sharing their ideas to confident and excited about the work they have done. Often we forget how impressive young people are. They see no limits. The IYWP is here to tell these kids, “Yes. You can do anything.” The rest is their magic.

I love this organization, and I love interning with great, like-minded individuals and our fearless (leader) Dora Malech the Director. We constantly are morphing into the next project, the next program, the next great idea, which means our workshops are always fresh and fun and there is something for everyone.IYWP 1

The organization is very accessible, both to the youth who want to participate and to volunteers who want to set their new idea for a workshop into motion. I am so proud to be a part of a nonprofit run truly by love and genuine caring. The IYWP loves supporting creative minds at work. The only thing that bums me out is that they weren’t around when I was in grade school!” – Elle Wignall

The beauty of writing is sometimes lost in the world of academia. IYWP is in place in Iowa to help today’s youth find their writing voice. To find places like IYWP or other causes that may inspire you, scroll down to the bottom next time you place that order and choose them to receive a portion of our profits.