Street Smarts: The Picnic


It’s time to put your Street Smarts to the ultimate test…in our bi-weekly trivia quiz, that is!

We’re offering any EatStreet customer the chance to win a $25 EatStreet gift card, as well as unlimited bragging rights, for answering five questions about everyone’s favorite way to eat a classic summer meal: a picnic.

There is no better time than the heart of summer to gather up your blanket, basket, and a bountiful supply of food and head outdoors. The long tradition of picnics is alive and kickin’. People are posting up at music festivals, state fairs, and city parks to enjoy food, friends, and sunny skies.

Answer these five questions about one of the perfect settings (and Instagram-worthy backdrops) for a summer afternoon.


1. The word “picnic” comes from a combination of two words in the French language. What are those two words?

2. The reference to a picnic was first used in 1962 to describe a group of people who brought their own drink to a restaurant. What was that type of drink?

3. The 1955 movie “Picnic” starring Kim Novak and William Holden was originally a play written by what University of Kansas alumni?

4. What Jane Austen novel held the memorable, and rather disastrous scene, of a picnic trip to Box Hill?

5. What type of cloth is most often associated with a picnic? 

Submit your answers in the form below (no later than July 23rd at 9am CDT to be eligible to win)

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