Top 5 Summer Sandwiches

According to popular legend, the 4th Earl of Sandwich (left) was the eponymous inventor of the modern favorite. It has been said that Sandwich was a compulsive gambler who required easy-to-eat victuals during long stretches at the card table. On the contrary, it has also been speculated that Sandwich’s real compulsion was work, and that he ate slices of breads and meats while at his desk. Either way, the sandwich has earned a permanent spot in the modern culinary repertoire. Here are our favorite summer sandwiches:


#5: Shrimp Po’ Boy. Short for “poor boy,” the Po’ Boy is a classic Louisiana creole sandwich. Made using French-style bread that combines a crisp crust with a soft, fluffy interior, these hearty submarines are typically made with roast beef or fried seafood.


#4: Gyro. Like a catchy Katy Perry song, gyros are “Hot N Cold.” Cool, refreshing tzatziki sauce complements the spicy lamb, while ripe red tomatoes balance the zesty onions. Vasilis’ Take Five in Madison, WI, makes a killer gyro (below).


#3: Caprese. Prepared almost exclusively as a salad in the United States, the Italian trio of fresh mozzerella cheese, tomatoes, and basil also makes for a fun summer sandwich. Cozy up the ingredients between two slices of foccacia and add a drizzle of olive oil for an unexpected surprise.


#2: Burger. Who can resist a good burger on a sunny summer day? Of course there’s beef, but why stop there? The more creative, the better: salmon, bean, beet, pork…you name it. The Olive Burger (above) from The Peanut Barrel in East Lansing, MI, is a beef patty topped with an olive salad for a distinctive Mediterranean twist.

#1: B.L.T. Nestled between two pieces of Texas toast is the finest amalgamation of earthly wonders you’ll ever find: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Finished with a light layer of tangy mayonnaise, this simple sandwich is as satisfying as it is timeless.

Whether you’re compulsively gambling or peacefully picnicking, EatStreet has all your sandwich needs covered. Those two pieces of bread are calling your name… Are you hungry yet?