Your Moving Nightmare Could Get You Free Nomz

The sounds of freshly peeled packaging tape echo through the air of your new desolate and barren home. Your mountainous mass of boxes has nearly reached the ceiling, almost completely blocking out any light, windows or hope. The pots and pans have been stowed away, but are seemingly adrift in your sea of cluttered chaos. You just want everything in its place, but all you want more than that is to eat.

Let’s be honest. Short of natural disasters, ongoing political ads on TV and DC’s latest film adaptations, there is nothing worse than moving. You’re often times in such a huff-and-puff to book it out of your current pad that you disregard anything resembling coherent packing.

Even if everything goes ‘according to plan’, that just means nothing too important got broken or lost. Since all of your dishes and other cookware are most likely still tucked away amid a jumble of boxes and bubble wrap, we want to hook you up to get you through moving.

Tell us your worst, funniest or craziest moving nightmare between today and August 31st and you can win up to $50 EatStreet cash. Cat get locked in the moving truck? Drop a box of valuables? We want to hear it! Just send your stories here.

Unpack this bonus!

In addition to the grand prize, we’re also dishing out daily EatStreet cash. Use #MoveInGotMeLike on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to document your latest move and you could win our daily $5 prize. You can enter as much as you want starting today through August 31st. Good luck and may the moving gods ever be in your favor.

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