Press Release: EatStreet Brings Online Food Ordering to Hotel Rooms

EatStreet and Telkonet Partner to Help Hotel Guests Order Local Food to Their Rooms

MADISON, WI, MARCH 8, 2016 — EatStreet, the largest independent online food ordering service in the United States, is proud to announce a partnership with EthoStream by Telkonet, one of the largest and most trafficked high-speed Internet access providers for hospitality properties in the U.S. This agreement provides hotel guests the ability to order local food via EatStreet to their hotel rooms the moment they join the EthoStream hospitality WiFI network.

“It’s often said the best way to experience a new place is by eating the local cuisine,” said Matt Howard, EatStreet CEO and co-founder. “This partnership makes it even easier for guests to order food from local restaurants, whether they’re on vacation or on a business trip.”

EatStreet’s online food ordering will be available in select locations within EthoStream’s network of hospitality locations starting this month. Guests will join the hotel’s WiFI network, and upon agreeing to the terms of service, will be able to place an order for local food via EatStreet.

“We’re proud of the opportunity this new relationship provides to the users of our EthoStream services since it continues to demonstrate the level of commitment and innovation that we have to our customers,” said Jason Tienor, Telkonet CEO. “We look forward to expanding these services in order to provide our customers with an exceptional experience in any environment.”

Hungry diners — inside or outside hotels — can still order with EatStreet through its website at or via the EatStreet app available on iOS and Android.

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