And the FoodCrew Winner Is…

Ok, fabulous food friends. More than 500 of you nominated the best buddy in your #FoodCrew to win $50 in EatStreet cash, and we’ve selected our winners!

We sifted through all of the entries, really, all of them. We read tales of brave animal rescues, unicorn sweaters, fiercely loyal coworkers who never miss a lunch break, selfless loved ones who always seem to know just what kind of Chinese food you’re craving. And props to those of your nominating yourselves. We indeed regard self-esteem as a great asset!

However, two entries really took the cake (or pizza?).

Congratulations are in order for—

Winner #1: Christopher Connor of Storrs, CT, nominated by Brenna Frechette:

“This guy loves pizza. Like LOVES pizza. Every time we order he insists on getting his own medium cheese, and eats the whole thing in minutes. He is also a great friend, he studies with me into the wee morning hours, and even taught me how to play Call of Duty (very, very poorly). He deserves all of the medium cheese pizzas in the world… $50 won’t get him there, but it’s a start!”

Winner #2: Kelly S. O’Brien, from Toledo, OH, nominated by Tresa Anderson:

“Kelly and I work together. Her first day at our office, after being introduced to me she said, ‘What time is lunch?’ We have been lunch buddies ever since. Sometimes, we select our lunch site according to the weather. She has a true appreciation for food LOL. One day I packed my lunch and she frowned and said ‘Oh no! That will never do!.’ She’s the ultimate lunch buddy!”

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