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Grab that Special Someone: It’s FoodCupid!

It can be said that humans love their food
In matters of the heart, the stomach wins.
Whatever the day, whatever your mood,
A decadent meal will fulfill your sins.

Roses are red, but pepperoni is too.
Not only the expensive gifts are romantic.
However you define love is up to you;
It’s about personalities that click.

We have this game for your Valentine’s Day
So you can find the one who fits you like a glove.
It’s a dating – no – “plating” game to play.
Play FoodCupid and get EatStreet cash – LOVE!

Non-poem version: Play FoodCupid today through 11:50pm Feb. 13. Read through three bios, then choose the eligible entree that’s right for you. We’ll pick one person for each available admirer and reward them with $50 EatStreet credit to get a great date-night meal for whoever that special someone may be!

Don’t forget: We will possibly give extra credit – to the tune of free nomz – who post to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! All this talk about romance and eating got you in the mood for food? You can order food online now on or on our free app available on iOS and Android.

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