#FundMySupperBowl: Winner Announced, More Chances to Get Fed

Earlier this month, we invited EatStreeters to vie for $200 in EatStreet cash to fund their football-watching parties. And boy, did #FundMySupperBowlSpread deliver. We pulled all your entries and we’ve chosen the grand prize winner! Was it YOU? Read on to find out!

Our winner is: Mike Foy of Wisconsin! Mike, please contact us on social media to claim your prize!

Here’s why Mike thought his #FoodCrew needed a pro league-level hook up:

Over the course of the last year our fraternity nearly fell apart. We had a few really dark days and a few of us had some very low times, but no matter what we were always there for each other. Then something changed. Everybody stopped feeling sorry for themselves and they all worked to hold our fraternity together, and now we are headed in right direction and we have no fear of our beloved fraternity disintegrating… Eatstreet, let me give these guys the super bowl party they deserve. They were there when I needed them, let me be there for them. 

Congratulations, Mike!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: Even if you didn’t win, EatStreet can still come to rescue you and your #FoodCrew. We’ve got a part deux of the contest that we’re calling “Save My Supper Bowl Spread.” Let us know if your game-day party is a food failure. Contact us the same way — by posting why you need our help on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — but this time use #SaveMySupperBowlSpread! We’ll award the most desperate and deserving plea with $100 in EatStreet credit.

FINALLY: We’ve come up with some party penalties that you can serve to your friends during the game. These #FoodCrewFouls are sharable. Someone blocking your path to pizza? Share the Pizza Interference Call pic below, and call them out! We’ll be looking out for these during the game and will award some of you with a #FoodHookUp! (Hover over each image for a one-click share to your Facebook or Twitter account!)

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